Affiliated Networks and Memberships


mea_logo The Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) is a constituted body which brings together employers from all sectors of industry and commerce in Malta. It is, in effect, the “trade union” of employers, formally registered as such under the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (2002).
mcc_logo The Malta Chamber of Commerce aims to provide enhanced ‘hands-on’ services to individual members, to mobilise sectors, associations and other groupings to pursue common agendas, to effectively respond to current issues and protect members’ interests; and – most fundamentally – to shape the policies which affect Maltese entrepreneurs. The Malta Chamber provides a visible, prominent, strong and single point of reference for the other stakeholders, including government, EU bodies, foreign business representatives in the sectors of trade, manufacturing and services.
ebaa_logo EBAA aims to promote excellence and professionalism amongst our Members to enable them to deliver best-in-class safety and operational efficiency, whilst representing their interests at all levels in Europe, to ensure the proper recognition of business aviation as a vital part of the aviation infrastructure, supporting local and national economies.
taplogo The TAP Knowledge Network (TKN) is a platform for inter-disciplinary collaboration, and the development of integrated solutions for its members’ international clientele.

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financemalta_logo FinanceMalta is the public-private initiative set up to promote Malta’s International Financial Centre.

Integra International is a global, interactive association of Accountants, Auditors, Tax and Business Advisors. With over 123 partner firms present in 66 countries across the globe, Integra offers its member firms continuity and cross border solutions for all their client’s transacting across multiple jurisdictions.  Member firm’s offer expanded professional services to their clients, including meeting their national and international needs.


The Investment Migration Council (IMC) is the worldwide association for investor migration and citizenship-by­investment. It has been formed by the leading experts to bring together the foremost stakeholders within the field and to give the industry a voice.
The IMC sets the standards on a global level and interacts with other professional associations, governments and international organisations in relation to investment migration.
Furthermore, the organisation helps to improve publicunderstanding of the issues faced by clients and governments in this area and promotes education and high professional standards among its members through its Code of Ethics a Professional Conduct.
The IMC is constituted as a not-for-profit association under Swiss law. Based in Geneva, it has representative offices in New York, London, and will shortly be opening in Shanghai.
The members of the IMC’s Governing Board and Advisory Committee comprise of many distinguished individuals from the global investment migration field.