ARQ Group Conference | GOING BEYOND

On 14th September all ARQ Group employees attended a full-day conference in what is set to become an annual appointment in the Group’s calendar. This event provided an opportunity for all staff to take a step back from their normal responsibilities and come together to discuss the Group’s vision and strategy for the coming year. The day’s agenda kicked off with an intensive workshop that focused on improving awareness and understanding of different character traits, and how these traits can affect team dynamics in the workplace. The scope of this exercise was to highlight how the   different characters and inputs of individuals can be harnessed to develop stronger and more productive teams, increasing efficiency and ensuring better results. This topic was selected since it is particularly relevant to ARQ Group, a multi-disciplinary organisation deliberately structured to promote a collaborative approach in every aspect of service delivery, both internally among its specialised teams, as well as externally with clients and other partners.


The afternoon sessions consisted of training segments on specialised topics related to the Group’s key service areas. These sessions were delivered by Group employees who are experts within the relevant field, with the aim of discussing emerging developments and issues which will be shaping these services over the coming year. These sessions covered the following topics:

  • ● The direction Artificial Intelligence is taking and how this is set to disrupt our daily lives
  • ● Latest developments in Malta’s tax system
  • ● New opportunities in Malta’s remote gaming industry
  • ● Emerging trends in the Investment Migration sector
  • ● The rise of Smart Contracts
  • ● Gearing up for the Blockchain Revolution
  • ● The impact of the UBO Register on the structuring of Maltese companies
  • ● The importance of KYC processes and procedures
  • ● GDPR measures across the Group

By the end of the day, all agreed that the event had been invaluable in engaging the entire staff in an open and in-depth discussion of the Group’s main strategic thrusts for 2019. In typical ARQ Group fashion, all present were encouraged to participate and voice their concerns and opinions, leading to a very valid and informative programme that left all present feeling inspired, enthusiastic and very much a part of these exciting future plans.