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JP Fabri – Managing Director of ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence

In the current hype over blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a conversation with someone who understands not only the technology but also its impact on the society. The blockchain revolution, or the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, ... Read More

Blockchain and CFOs. Friends or Foes?

There is a lot of hype surrounding blockchain and on how it will revolutionise businesses and industries. Everyone is currently suffering from an information overload and business leaders and CFOs might actually feel daunted about the subject which is laden with technical jargon.... Read More

The importance of Effective Due Diligence in Safeguarding the Reputation of Residency and Citizenship Programmes

ARQ Group attended the Investment Migration Forum held in Geneva between the 4th – 6th June. This event addressed the advancement of the investor immigration and citizenship industry. Due to the ever-increasing number of individuals who choose to travel, live, work, invest and ... Read More

Parliament approves crypto and blockchain legislation: A milestone in Malta’s journey to becoming a ‘Blockchain Island’

It was just over a year ago that the Maltese government claimed that Malta had the potential to ‘trail-blaze’ its way to a blockchain future, breaking rank as a ‘frontline country’ in this innovative space. Last week, Parliament approved three cryptocurrency and blockchai... Read More

MGA issues Policy on Outsourcing by Authorised Persons

As the gaming industry matures and flourishes, it has become the norm for operators to outsource a whole host of services, from regulatory compliance to marketing, to third party service providers with the industry becoming increasingly interdependent on a host of B2B services ac... Read More

Legal Notices

L.N. 114 of 2018 – Tax Credit (Educational Qualifications) Rules, 2018  Individuals obtaining educational qualifications recognised as being equivalent to a Level 7 or Level 8 qualification are entitled to claim a tax credit in accordance with the Rules set out in this Lega... Read More

Up to speed with Malta’s economy

Malta’s positive economic performance continued throughout the first half of 2018 with a number of positive economic indicators confirming this. This article will highlight Malta’s performance in some main indicators.   GDP Growth During the first quarter of 2018,... Read More

VAT Grouping introduced in Malta

Following the announcement in the last Government Budget Speech, Legal Notice 162 of 2018 has introduced the possibility of VAT Grouping in Malta. VAT Grouping is a tool, available in various EU Member States, which is mainly used to prevent having irrecoverable VAT on charges... Read More

Virtual currencies. Are they money?

Money has formed an integral part of human economic interaction for millennia. It has appeared in many forms – barley, metallic currency, paper notes, cowry shells, cigarettes and even the great Rai stones of Yap. The question that everybody asks is, are Virtual Currencies (VC... Read More

From Barley to Bitcoins. The Unofficial History of Money.

Go ahead and remove a euro note from your wallet. What is it worth? Your first reaction would be the face value of the note; €5, €10, €20, €50 or €100. But what is its real worth? What is its intrinsic value of that piece of paper? Like many other contracts, the euro... Read More

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