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Virtual currencies. Are they money?

Money has formed an integral part of human economic interaction for millennia. It has appeared in many forms – barley, metallic currency, paper notes, cowry shells, cigarettes and even the great Rai stones of Yap. The question that everybody asks is, are Virtual Currencies (VC... Read More

From Barley to Bitcoins. The Unofficial History of Money.

Go ahead and remove a euro note from your wallet. What is it worth? Your first reaction would be the face value of the note; €5, €10, €20, €50 or €100. But what is its real worth? What is its intrinsic value of that piece of paper? Like many other contracts, the euro... Read More

The Many Sides to a Bitcoin

Like anything else in life, opinions about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies abound. The headlines are always dominated by the increase or fall of its price and the debate rages on. The focus of these articles has now shifted away from blockchain the technology towards bitcoin the cur... Read More

Building the Blockchain

As already discussed, blockchain is the revolutionary technology that is driving disruption in many industries including the monetary system through bitcoin and other virtual currencies. It is therefore imperative to delve into the way blockchain is built and why as a technology ... Read More

Blockchain – The Trust (R)evolution.

In 1993, eminent Harvard scholar Robert Putman published a seminal book which studied the difference in performance between cities in northern and southern Italy. Putman labelled the cause of the difference between the performance of these two groups of cities as ‘social capita... Read More

Defining the Blockchain World

Before delving straight into world of blockchain, its history and its applications; it would be opportune to go over the main concepts and terminology. As most technical topics, jargon quickly takes over and becomes hard for the non-technical person to keep up with all the differ... Read More

Legal Notices Q1 2018

L.N. 9 of 2018 – VALUE ADDED TAX (AMENDMENT OF FIFTH SCHEDULE) REGULATIONS, 2018 The list of “Exemptions without credit” in the category of letting of immovable property now includes “the letting to players of rooms or other spaces lawfully designated for the playing o... Read More

Going beyond the headlines of bitcoin

Allow me to introduce you to Parisa Ahmadi, an Afghan girl who managed to buy a laptop thanks to bitcoin. Without bitcoin, this would have been impossible. In a patriarchal society like Afghanistan, women do not have access to bank accounts. Parisa, who was working as a blogger f... Read More

Meet ARQ at ICE Totally Gaming, 6-8th February 2018

The award winning show ICE Totally Gaming returns on the 6-8 February 2018 to ExCeL London.  ICE 2017 delivered a record audited total attendance of 30,213, up 6% year-on-year, further increasing the reputation of ICE as the most international business event anywhere in gaming.... Read More

ARQ Group – SIGMA-Summit of IGaming, Malta

ARQ Group will be participating at this year’s SIGMA Gaming Expo, under the theme of ‘Catering for Compliance’, where ARQ Group will be showcasing the services that it caters for its clientele, particularly with regards to risk and compliance advisory services offered in th... Read More

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