Management Accounting

The ARQ Accounting unit provides Management Accounts services which are available for both public and private organisations. Once a client has successfully completed the initial stages which include company incorporation and settling of bank accounts, he then proceeds to the management of accountancy to ensure sufficient cash flow and appropriate financial management.

The unit keeps track of all expenses incurred by the company through an organised book keeping and invoice management system. Through communication with company directors, ARQ Accounting provides advice for budget apportioning to steer the organisation in the right direction. Some of the Accounting services include treasury, overview of expenses and annual reporting.

All seniors within ARQ Accounting have their areas of specialisation and are assigned specific portfolios according to their strengths and experience. This provides a better tailored service to clients, since they will be dealing with professionals who understand their industry. The experience within ARQ Accounting is a pivotal component as it further enhances client satisfaction.

In order to better improve the quality of staff and the service given to clients, internal and external training are given immense priority. The team is provided with the necessary resources to further their studies and experience so as to enhance their professional career. This will provide clients with a continuously ameliorated service which continuously reaches higher standards.

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