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A successful company must ascertain having quality procedures of processing employee payments to ensure efficiency. Such a service includes the accurate transfers of payment and the maintaining of necessary employee information. The service also includes the monthly payment of FS5, the preparation and distribution of FS3 and FS7 forms

Nurturing a perspective that payroll is more than a transactional approach will help to ensure smooth payroll processes. An efficient system focuses on accuracy and timeliness in which payments are processed in a consistent and appropriate manner.

ARQ Accounting is proficient in the creation of an efficient Payroll system. This is done through the appropriate checks of timekeeping. Prominence is given to certain details such as entries and calculations. The maintaining of proper data control is also essential so as to prevent any misplacement of funds.

Setting company operations which engages in employment activities in Malta requires certain legislative processes. Firstly, the company must register itself with the Inland Revenue Department and must also register its employees with the Employment and Training Corporation.

It is paramount that organisations maintain all up-to-date details of their employees. Such details include salaries, bonuses, NI Numbers and social security details amongst others. ARQ Accounting offers its services to those willing to outsource their payroll.

Acquiring your payroll services brings with it a number of benefits. One of the main benefits is a reduction in cost, especially for small to medium sized organisations. In organisations with less than twenty employees, outsourcing payroll is likely to be an efficient cost reduction manoeuvre.  Another benefit is the fact that outsourcing to a specialised team ensures that the procedures are compliant with the required legislation.

Payroll is a complex process, and requires a good set of hours to complete. Outsourcing your payroll can enhance productivity since employees will be able to focus on more pressing issues. When dealing with a specialised company, a company benefits from precision and avoids errors which can lead to confusion with employees and also Government entities. Such an organisation would also be highly knowledgeable with the taxation procedures which have to be accounted in the Payroll process. This will spare the business of any expenses caused by certain avoidable errors.

Outsourcing Payroll responsibility spares the organisation of the training that employees may require. It also eliminates the problem of transferring payroll duties internally if the employee in charge is on leave or sick leave. Security is also a major issue; ARQ Accounting invests in the private details of its clients to ensure that they are kept confidential.

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