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Throughout the years, Malta has hosted a number of blockbuster movies which have achieved remarkable success.  Having hosted films and productions of different genres, Malta has truly showcased itself as an ideal country for such productions. A number of factors entice film makers to revolve and adapt their story in Malta.

Firstly Malta embraces strong business approaches with a can-do mentality. It has a highly talented work-force, the overwhelming majority of which can communicate in English. The rates for crew and extras are also quite convenient.

The wonderful Mediterranean setting which can be captured in Malta also contributes to the aesthetic quality of the filmed content.  Recent upgrading of cash rebates continues to cement Malta’s position as the ideal film destination. Productions which satisfy the necessary cultural criteria may benefit from a rebate of up to 27%.

Some of the films that Malta has hosted over the years include blockbusters such as World War Z, Captain Phillips, The Devil’s Double and Agora. Malta has been utilised by a number of Directors to make the setting appear to be that of a different country such as Rome, Greece and Egypt amongst others. Various locations can be used for different settings which will suit the production’s needs.

Malta is well renowned for its water tank facilities which are amongst the largest in the world. They provide the option of having a natural sea horizon in the background. They have been used extensively for a large number of productions for the past fifty years. Examples of successful movies which have been filmed in Malta’s water tanks include Captain Phillips (2013), Troy (2004) and Raise the Titanic (1980). Malta is also increasing its popularity for the filming of commercials.

ARQ Advisory can provide a variety of services which will facilitate quality film making in a cost efficient manner. Such advice includes guidance regarding to financial incentives which a production can benefit from.

We can assist clients in an integrated manner, covering tax consultancy, legal & financial advice and support services, together with logistical and other support services, to ease the way for investors wishing to use Malta as a base for production, distribution and for the setting up of film and media funds. Our services include:

  • advice and assistance in connection with the setting up, registration and operation of production companies, distribution companies and funds related to the industry;
  • legal advice and international tax planning relating to film production, distribution and financing
  • identifying benefits and incentives to prospective productions and liaising with the Malta Film Commission and other relevant authorities
  • assistance with the identification of local and international financing opportunities for productions
  • Accounting and financial reporting support;
  • Other logistical support

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