Professional Investor Funds

Professional Investor Funds – more commonly referred to as PIFs – are the typical form of investment fund set up in Malta and licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority. As the name denotes, PIFs refer to collective investment schemes targeting professional investors or high net worth individuals and as a result PIFs benefit from a lighter degree of regulation.  PIFs can be established under corporate (SICAV) or trust structures.

The MFSA’s regulatory regime for PIFs caters for three principal categories of investors, each characterized in terms of notional experience, knowledge and the minimum amount of the investment they are to make in the relevant PIF: (a) the experienced investor; (b) the qualifying investor; and (c) the extraordinary investor. The level of regulation applicable to the PIF depends on the sophistication of the investor according to the foregoing classification, in degrees of freedom from certain aspects of regulatory intervention.

Funds that may benefit from being set up as a PIF in Malta would typically include hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity funds, renewable energy funds, property funds etc.

Our multi-disciplinary Financial Services Unit is experienced in assisting clients design optimal structural design for their collective investment schemes in Malta, with a view to achieving enhanced organizational performance. Of course, we also handle licence applications and provide ongoing regulatory compliance and legal support.

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