Project Advisory

Malta has in recent years been the scene of several major projects in the telecommunications, energy, transport, aviation, infrastructure and gaming fields amongst others.

Our multi-disciplinary infrastructure aims at providing integrated assistance and services in this area, also by drawing on the experience and expertise of its member firms and associated companies. Our professionals have over the years accumulated significant experience, advising private entities or consortia and Governmental entities alike. Our professionals have advised and represented local and foreign clients in the planning, risk management and implementation of major projects in the infrastructure, energy, transport, and other applied industry fields. This has included handling all aspects connected with public procurement issues, etc. We can thus assist by

  • Offering assistance in the drawing or in the interpretation of procurement procedures where necessary;
  • Drafting of various agreements necessary for the implementation of clients’ requirements;
  • Advising on fiscal and corporate structures;   
  • Assisting in negotiations;
  • Advising on various legal fields affecting the transaction.

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