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Malta’s success in developing as an international maritime centre over the years is indisputable, with the largest ship register in Europe. Significant factors that have contributed to this success include:

  • its asset finance features, making the island almost a natural choice for ship financiers wishing to have adequate security which can be enforced swiftly and securely, if required;
  • Malta’s tonnage tax system, which incentivizes investment in maritime transport operations and ventures, adopting a basic model that is similar to that of several maritime nations;
  • the Maltese corporate legal system, which has provided for swifter regulations for companies that qualify as “shipping organizations” in terms of the Merchant Shipping Act;
  • the island’s geographical position in the centre of the Mediterranean, as well as its long-standing and well-developed maritime infrastructure;

Malta’s success as an international Maritime services centre has been more recently replicated in the aviation field, with Malta being one of the first European countries to have ratified the Cape Town Convention, allowing for the registration of assets also on the international register. This combined with Malta’s beneficial tax and corporate legal systems, as well as its well developed and secure regulatory infrastructure have meant that increasing numbers of air transport operators have chosen Malta as their home for aircraft operations.

Malta has also proved attractive for the establishment of MRO facilities for the aviation industry by international operators. Perhaps the most internationally renowned of these is Lufthansa Technic Malta Limited, which was established in Malta a number of years ago with the assistance of our lawyers, and continues to develop its activities on the island.

ARQ Advisory can assist its clients in this area principally by tapping into the infrastructure and expertise of FFF Legal that has a leading practice on the island in both the maritime as well as the aviation legal sectors, with acknowledged long-standing experience and expertise in designing and implementing structures for the maritime and aviation sectors in Malta.

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