Billing & Credit Control

Effective credit control is essential in sustaining a company’s cash flow. An experienced credit control team ensures that the company maintains good relationships with both clients and suppliers and acquires payments timeously.

Most organisations, particularly SME’s, encounter serious challenges due to the lack of a well-established credit control system and procedures.

Effective procedures should be in place prior to making the sale. An agreement highlighting suitable payment conditions must be implemented along with a due diligence procedure to ensure that the customer is financially able to pay for the goods or services. A credit limit is established as a general rule to ensure that outstanding payments are settled before requesting additional services. Invoicing must be executed promptly and in a well-planned manner to increase the probability of earlier payments where possible.

How we do it

ARQ can assist with the effective implementation and execution of all billing and credit control functions. Our systematic approach ensures that clients are contacted timeously and in an appropriate manner through on-going communication and stringent controls.

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