Blockchain & ICO Advisory

Malta is set to become the global capital of blockchain technologies & Virtual Currencies (VCs).

The Maltese Parliament is expected to enact three acts of law that inter-operate to produce a comprehensive and unique legal framework that offers legal and regulatory coverage of blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies.


The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (“MDIA”) Bill

The new Authority will focus on innovative technologies with a focus on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (“DLT”). This Authority will certify the technologies in terms of the Technology Arrangements and Services Bill.


The Technology Arrangements and Services (“TAS”) Bill

The TAS will institute a framework for DLT platforms and smart contracts.  The TAS also requires the appointment of a certified system auditor and administrator.


The Virtual Financial Asset (“VFA”) Bill

The VFA Bill introduces a Financial Instrument Test which would enable the classification of a virtual currency or an ICO to be certified in Malta. A significant expressed intent is that pure utility tokens would not qualify for any kind of regulation and/or certification.

In parallel, The Malta Financial Services Authority has issued standard licence conditions for Professional Investment Funds that want to invest in VCs.


How can we help?

ARQ Group is positioning itself as a leading advisory practice in this area and is currently assisting a number of global players in their relocation to Malta. As a multi-disciplinary advisory firm, we can assist in the following services:

  • regulatory advice,
  • whitepaper review,
  • company incorporation,
  • pre and post ICO advisory,
  • blockchain strategy advisory,
  • tokenomics,
  • taxation advice,
  • AML & compliance advisory.

Together with its international partners, ARQ Group is also able to provide a broad range of services including payment services, digital marketing for ICOs and blockchain technology development.

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