Company Incorporation

The incorporation process of a company in Malta is relatively straightforward. Subject to the necessary due diligence checks on behalf of shareholders, beneficial owners and directors, a Maltese company is registered within 24 – 48 working hours.

Registration and Annual Fees

The Registration and Annual fees payable to the Registry of Companies depend on the company’s authorised share capital. Registration fee payable to the Registry of Companies vary from €245 to €2,250, while the annual fee varies from €100 to €1,400.

Types of Companies

There are two types of limited liability companies set up in Malta, a Private or a Public company, the differences between the two are outlined below:

A Private company is a company that:

  • Limits the number of members to fifty;
  • Restricts the right to transfer shares; and
  • Prohibits invitation to the public to subscribed to the company’s shares or debentures.

A private company may be set up a with a minimum share capital of €1,165, out of which 20% must be paid up in a bank account prior to registering the company. The name of a private company must always end with the words ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd.’

A Public company, on the other hand, may offer its shares to the public and must have its authorised share capital of at least €46,600 of which at least 25% must be paid up. The name of a Public company must end with ‘Public Limited Company’ or ‘p.l.c.’.

ARQ Trustees will advise on the best type of company required to suit your business needs and also handle the preparation of all the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth and speedy incorporation process.

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