Compliance Services

Regulated and licensed institutions, including banks, insurance companies, investment as well as corporate and trust services providers, are nowadays required to maintain higher corporate good governance and regulatory compliance standards than they were expected to maintain in past years. Complex regulations, compounded by a maze of statutory directives and regulatory notices, frequently make it difficult for licensed entities and institutions to keep up with developments in the field and to react with the necessary efficiency to ensure their compliance therewith..

We at ARQ Group have, over the years, accumulated the know-how and experience to assist our clients with their regulatory compliance requirements. A dedicated Compliance Officer, assisted by a team of professional administrators, can provide clients with the following services:

  • Preparation and updating of regulatory manuals and corporate governance rules
  • Preparation of Anti Money-Laundering rules and guidelines
  • Acting as Money Laundering Reporting Officer
  • Acting as Compliance Officer
  • Assistance with creation of compliance standard levels
  • In-house compliance and AML training

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  • Martina Scalpello

    Senior AML Executive

    Martina is an AML Executive within the ARQ Group with several years’ experience in AML/CFT co... More

    T +356 2549 6000

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