Corporate Tax Services

ARQ’s tax services are designed to help our clients deal with the complexities of managing their tax charges; cashflow management; tax risk mitigation; structure optimisation; transaction structuring; and tax compliance.

At ARQ, we see the active management of corporate tax issues as a core business discipline.

ARQ’s team of tax specialists can assist with annual income tax compliance obligations, including the submission of annual tax returns, effecting tax payments and claiming tax refunds.

ARQ can advise on the eligibility of tax benefits – whether it is the National Interest Deduction or tax credits provided for in our incentive legislation – and also how to make the best use of these tax credits or tax losses.

ARQ has a strong relationship with the authorities who administer fiscal incentives, such as the Malta Enterprise Corporation. We can therefore facilitate queries and clear up matters in a timely manner.

ARQ can assist in revisiting receipts and expenditure to achieve enhanced tax treatment. Family-owned business clients are kept abreast of the implications of the latest legislation and the implications for their business.

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    Key Contact

    David Borg

    Partner – Tax & Advisory
    A Chartered Accountant and co-founding partner at ARQ. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and the Malta Institute of Accountants. He is also a Member of the Malta Institute of Taxation and the Malta Institute of Financial Services Practitioners.

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