Crypto Asset Licensing

Malta – acclaimed as Blockchain Island – offers the most holistic regulatory framework for crypto asset issues and service providers. Malta’s regulatory regime allows for a variety of Token Generation Events including utility tokens and STOs. It also allows for the licensing of crypto exchanges, custodians and funds.

The Virtual Financial Assets Act made Malta a global hub in the licensing of crypto assets and services. Today, the island hosts global heavyweights and has provided regulatory clarity to a fast-growing and revolutionary industry. ARQ are well-placed to support clients looking to benefit from Malta’s regulatory framework.

ARQ’s multi-disciplinary team can guide interested entities in getting their crypto assets or services licensed under Maltese law. We are able to support clients from the incorporation of a Maltese entity, to providing regulatory advice and support throughout the licensing phases. ARQ is able to offer advice spanning the legal, financial and economic disciplines and our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations make us well-placed to support our clients licensing requirements.

How we do it

ARQ has applied for the Virtual Financial Asset Agent licence and the team has already successfully assisted a number of entities set-up their operations in Malta.

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JP Fabri

Director – Regulatory & Advisory