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Any organisation, be it private or public, that can make sense of its environment, generate strategic options and realign its resources accordingly will enjoy a decisive advantage. This is the essence of resilience. And that is precisely what we do, build resilience.

ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence is a strategic advisory firm that builds resilience for firms and countries. We assist our clients in building the capacity to change before the case for change imposes them to do so. Together with our clients, we build resilience that leads to significant and sustainable improvements to their performance. As part of ARQ Group, we are building a firm that is uniquely positioned and equipped to this task.



Firms are today facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty and disruption in their operating environments. We support our clients in harnessing this disruption by offering strategic resilience advisory services. We take pride in offering powerful analysis and straightforward recommendations based on our unique approach which merges economic analysis, strategy and data analysis.

In providing advice to our clients, we thoroughly understand the external and internal operating environment of the firm. We help our clients to understand, anticipate and adapt to a fast-changing external environment by offering focused and actionable strategies.

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