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We support governments of small island states and transition countries to not only build their capacity to recover from negative shocks but, more importantly, to reap opportunities and to overcome the challenges smallness and insularity bring.

Countries and governments today face numerous challenges. What matters in today’s world is the strategy and capacity to respond to these adverse shocks, countries need to be resilient.

Resilience refers to a country’s ability to recover quickly from a negative external shock and, the ability to identify and reap opportunities. It is indeed a pre-condition for economic growth and development.

Building resilience is a transformative process that builds on the capacity of individuals, their communities and institutions to lessen the impacts of shocks, internal or external, natural or man-made, economic, health-related, political or social.

ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence is focused on supporting governments on embarking on such a transformative process to instil and build capacity to be resilient through our unique approach.

We offer a broad range of services and specialisations that governments can benefit from as shown below.

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