Citizenship Granted for Exceptional Services Rendered

There are a number of other means for applying for Maltese citizenship. In this regard, the Maltese government is continuously striving to ensure that the applicants approved under any of the mentioned programmes is of good repute and will add value to the Maltese community. To enhance this, the Maltese government is currently discussing the possibility of granting Citizenship status to exceptional individuals that excel in areas such as; Research, Science, Sport, Art and Culture. These sectors are of high interest to the Maltese community; hence, this initiative will promote the development of these areas.

The initiative will allow extraordinary individuals to contribute to the Maltese economy and advancement in various sectors. This initiative is expected to attract a number of individuals to the Maltese islands to contribute to its progression, however, it will also look at the past, thus pointing out individuals that have highly contributed to the Maltese islands in the past and granting them citizenship.