Other Means of Acquiring Citizenship

Maltese Citizenship may be acquired through further means such as; marriage to a Maltese national, being a former national of Malta, born to Maltese parents, having Maltese descendants, living permanently in Malta for the last 4 years.

A foreign National may apply for Citizenship through:

  • Birth Registration;
  • Registration;
  • Naturalisation;
  • Dual Citizenship.

When Malta became an Independent State on 21st September 1964, the Independence Constitution established who should become a citizen of Malta automatically by birth.  As a result of the changes in the citizenship laws which took place in the year 2000, as from 10th February 2000 the relative provisions are now to be found in the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap 188).

Birth Registration

Citizenship granted through Birth Registration applies to;

  • persons born in Malta holding at least one Maltese Parent;
  • Born abroad but holding one Maltese parent or grandparent;


Citizenship granted through Registration applies to;

  • A spouse of a Maltese citizen, proofing that they have been married for at least five years;
  • A spouse of a Maltese citizen, whom are now separated, but can proof that they have been married for at least five years and that the foreign spouse still lives in Malta;
  • A widow of a Maltese Citizen, proofing that they have been married for at least five years;
  • The direct descendant, second or subsequent generation, born abroad of a Maltese Citizen.


Citizenship granted through naturalisation applies to;

  • Persons whom are former citizens of Malta;
  • Persons whom are born abroad to Maltese parents whom are returned migrants;
  • Persons born in Malta, whom have at least one parent that obtained Maltese citizenship;
  • Persons whom have resided in Malta for an aggregate of four years preceding the date of application.

Dual Citizenship

Citizenship granted through dual citizenship applies to;

  • If the applicant is an adult citizen of Malta and they acquired a foreign citizenship on or after 10th February 2000. They may retain such citizenship together with the Maltese citizenship.
  • If they were a minor on 10th February 2000 or if they had then attained their 18th birthday but had not yet reached their 19th birthday and they possessed another citizenship apart from the Maltese citizenship. They may now hold both citizenships indefinitely.
  • If they became a citizen of Malta on 21st September 1964 or (subsequent to that date) at birth, they lost such citizenship, and they have resided abroad for an aggregate period of at least six years, then in accordance with the year 2000 changes to the citizenship legislation, they are deemed never to have ceased to be a citizen of Malta, that is, they qualify to hold dual citizenship automatically.