Residency Through Employment and Self-Employment

Third country nationals that seek employment in Malta are required to hold an employment licence as well as a residence permit to be able to work and reside in Malta. This process has been facilitated by the merger of the employment licence and the residence permit into one document.

Qualifying criteria for employment:

  • The applicant must show proof that he/she is qualified or has enough work experience to cover the post applied for;
  • The employer must show proof that enough effort has been made locally to fill the post;
  • The applicant is in possession of health insurance covering himself/herself and any dependents;

In addition to the above if an applicant is a shareholder or is self-employed, he/she must make sure that the company meets one or more of the below criteria;

  • The applicant must have a fully paid up share capital of at least €500,000 which must not be redeemable or transferred for the first two years following the issuance of the Employment licence;
  • The company proceeds with capital expenditures of at least €500,000 on the island. Capital expenditures shall consist of fixed assets;
  • The company is leading a project that has been formally approved by Malta Enterprise;

Government fees:

  • €280.00 administrative fees