Management & Infrastructural Support

ARQ’s corporate service includes the provision of management support on an outsourced basis, as well as the provision of other infrastructural support such as fully serviced office space and office infrastructure. This makes it possible for companies wishing to relocate to Malta, or base their international activities in Malta, to develop their presence on the island according to operational requirements.

The system is organised around degrees of integration, starting from basic membership which allows for the use of office facilities and reception personnel, through to fully-fledged corporate management infrastructure and dedicated office space.

ARQ clients can co-source administrative and operational support personnel in a flexible or permanent manner. The knowledge and management infrastructural resources are organised under five departments: General administration (HR executives, secretarial and administrative staff); Financial administration (including accounts, payroll, billing and credit control up to full financial control functions); Marketing and business development; ICT support (with a diversified offering & infrastructure); and Compliance (including acceptance of office as Money Laundering Reporting Officer).

The System allows for co-sourced personnel to harness specialist resources available through the TAP Knowledge Network of service providers whenever more specialist resources for any particular task are required, unless the client has particular requirements of his own.


ARQ Corporate Ltd is authorised to act as a Company Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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    Christian Farrugia

    Partner - Corporate & Fiduciary
    A lawyer by profession with over thirty years’ experience, Dr. Christian Farrugia is one of the founding partners of Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, a leading business law firm in Malta.