Policy Advisory

Governments and public authorities are under increased pressure to enact evidence based public policy. ARQ provides decision-makers with an economic toolkit which provides rigorous and deep understanding to economic and social phenomenon and provides actionable policy recommendations based on theory and evidence.

ARQ works with policy-makers across the globe – in Malta, the Caribbean, the Pacific and in Africa, to help them understand what policy solutions might look like and whether they have been effective. Our research-driven and analytical mind-set allows us to understand governments, businesses and citizens in all their complexity.

ARQ has a deep understanding of both government and the public sector. A tailored approach and fact-based analysis can support governments and public authorities in addressing their challenges. With a strong theoretical grounding in economics, political science and governance, matched by public sector experience, ARQ’s team of experts use a variety of models and techniques to assess and evaluate the impact of policies.

How we do it

The public sector has always been a demanding environment. Policy-makers need to deliver tangible results. With the right structures and policies, governments can be more effective and efficient.  Our services include:

  • Policy research and analysis
  • Policy appraisal
  • Impact assessments
  • Evaluation studies
  • Market intelligence

How can we help you?

Key Contact

Glenn Fenech

Senior Manager - Economic and Business Intelligence