Project-based Advisory

Investment projects are central to the long-term success of any organisation. We believe that a rigorous analysis is critical for business owners and public authorities to choose the right project. The ARQ team has the apposite skill set to develop assessments and make evaluations on all investment projects.

ARQ supports organisations to prove and improve the value of their project investments to deliver better outcomes for their customers and communities. Evaluation and impact assessments of investments is critical for better decision-making. We have supported numerous private and public organisations in providing evaluation studies and impact assessments of projects.

ARQ has assisted numerous organisations in selecting the right investment project by conducting stringent evaluation studies. The team has been involved in conducting cost-benefit analysis for many large projects in Malta. We also work with a number of government authorities to provide evaluations and impact assessments of projects and interventions. The team are also heavily involved in R&D economic projects and investments.

How we do it

ARQ has the ability to provide hard facts based on data and robust methodologies to support decision-making on projects and investments.  Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic and social impact assessments
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Market valuations
  • Project evaluations
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Glenn Fenech

Senior Manager - Economic and Business Intelligence