Billing and Credit Control

Credit Control is an essential process in sustaining a company’s cash flows. It helps the organisation in gaining that which it is owed to it. The experience provided by the Credit Control team ensures that the company maintains good relationships with clients and suppliers, whilst acquiring its due payments. The billing service provided by ARQ Resources includes the issuance of invoices.

Most organisations, particularly SMEs encounter serious issues due to the lack of a well-established Credit Control system. An effective procedure should be planned prior to when the sale is made. This is done through a detailed form highlighting payment conditions which are suitable to the company’s needs. A due diligence procedure to ensure that the client is financially able to pay for the service requested is highly recommended.

A credit limit must be placed as a general rule, so as to ensure that clients forward outstanding payment prior to requesting additional services. Invoicing promptly and in a well-planned manner will help in increasing earlier payments.

ARQ Resources can ensure that clients are contacted in an appropriate manner. This is done through communicating with clients to remind them about upcoming payments and also enforcing communication if the deadline is not respected.

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