The ICT services provided aim to ensure that a company’s infrastructure operates smoothly and efficiently, in a reliable manner.  Clients who have utilised this service benefit from a modern, state of the art ICT system which brings with it numerous advantages.

Outsourcing ICT has become a highly popular avenue due to the significant cost benefits. Apart from the company benefitting from cost reductions, the ICT department can offer bespoke solutions, which cater for different types of organisations.

The ICT Department can configure personal telephone lines for secretarial usage, set up hosted emails, domain handling, the design for portals and the procurement of both hardware and software, and also management of network infrastructure. The focus is set firmly on productivity, ensuring that the systems implemented provide a strong framework for this.

The experience gained through accomplishing different tasks for both local and also foreign clients, has helped the team to identify and respond better to different requests. Experience on Microsoft servers ensures that the team can establish solid software procedures.

Support is also provided on a continuous basis for those clients who request it. This will ensure timeliness and efficiency so as not to hinder the organisation’s productivity.

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