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The Companies Act 1995 requires all Maltese companies to appoint a company secretary with the necessary competencies specified in this Act. These duties include the maintenance of the company’s statutory books and records; the filing of all required forms and returns; and generally ensuring the company’s adherence to its statutory responsibilities.

ARQ is able to provide clients with the services of a resident secretary. Besides satisfying a basic formal requirement, the appointment also addresses a more essential long-term objective – that of maintaining the good standing of the company under the laws of Malta through the services of a locally resident officer possessing the competence to guide the company’s directors in their management of company affairs.

ARQ provides specialist company secretarial support so clients can meet obligations on time, every time. We understand that while it is becoming increasingly demanding and time consuming to keep up with statutory requirements, it is essential that all corporate governance obligations are met and complied with. ARQ offers clients company secretarial support services to ease the burden of continuous obligations on companies, their directors and officers. These services include:

  • Preparing and filing the annual returns punctually with the Registry of Companies
  • Maintaining the company’s minute book
  • Maintaining the company’s share certificates
  • Maintaining the company’s combined registry
  • Organising, attending and drafting follow ups for board meetings and shareholder meetings
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to board members on their fiduciary and corporate governance duties
  • Sending reminders regarding the submission of audited financial statements on a yearly basis
  • Preparing any documents relating to ad hoc changes to the company

ARQ understands that every company has different requirements which are specific to their structure, goals and objectives and we are able to scale up the level of support depending on our client’s needs.


ARQ Corporate Ltd is authorised to act as a Company Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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