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Globalisation, technological changes and new regulatory frameworks are all challenging traditional strategy approaches. The gap between winners and losers is widening fast. Companies need to understand, compete and adapt to a much broader range of strategic environments to remain relevant. ARQ can help!

Giving good advice means turning powerful analysis into straightforward, clear actionable recommendations. Using a strong toolkit of economic tools, research-based frameworks and rigorous data analysis, we are able to home in on the behaviour of customers and competitors to help our clients make better commercial decisions.

In offering strategic advice, our aim is simple: help clients achieve long-term value-driven growth. At ARQ we work with clients in many ways – from undertaking and managing comprehensive reviews of corporate strategy, to designing new pricing and market entry strategies. Whatever the assignment, we pride ourselves on advice that is grounded in a sound understanding of both the market environment and the client’s company.

How we do it

ARQ members look beyond the obvious to distil complex solutions into crisp, actionable advice. Services include:

  • Understanding and exploiting competitive advantage
  • Modelling and assessment of market and price strategies
  • Anticipating competitor strategies and responses
  • Understanding our clients’ customers (their feelings, motivations and behaviours)
  • Preparation of strategic vision documents and plans.
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Glenn Fenech

Senior Manager - Economic and Business Intelligence