ARQ has applied for the Virtual Financial Asset Agent licence and the team has already successfully assisted a number of entities set-up their operations in Malta.

Cryptocurrency economics focuses on creating economic incentives to direct the behavior of buyers, sellers, service providers and other parties within the network. It also attempts to measure and predict metrics such as user adoption, coin price, transaction volume and services provided. ARQ supports clients in achieving the results they want.

Blockchain based systems and Initial Coin Offerings are based on the premise of building an ecosystem or a mini economy for each project. The tokens form an essential part of the ecosystem as they serve as the currency of that newly designed economy. Therefore, token design and tokenomics play a central role in determining the success of any project. For it to be successful, a token needs to create the right incentives for users and returns to investors.

How we do it

The ARQ team has an economic toolkit (based on game theory, monetary and fiscal policies) that is used to design the incentives around token usage. The team is well positioned to support clients in all aspects of this emerging field.

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JP Fabri

Director – Regulatory & Advisory