Work Permits & Employment Licences

An individual who is not a citizen of an EU member state (also known as third country nationals) must be in possession of an employment licence (also known as a Work Permit). The authorisation for third country nationals to work in Malta is now conducted by means of a Single Permit Application.

The relevant authorities must produce a single document which is commonly referred to as the e-Residence card, which would thus enable the individual to both work and reside in Malta. The work permit is issued in respect of third country nationals who work with a specific employer to perform a specific job. Employment licenses are, in general, issued for a maximum duration of one year.

With the exception of citizens from the EU/EEA/Switzerland (and their third country national family members or other family members), all foreign nationals who wish to work in Malta need an employment licence. Employment licences are also required for persons who enjoy long-term residence status.

Third country nationals need to also be in possession of a valid visa before entering Malta, although some third country nationals (such as Serbian nationals) are allowed to stay in Malta without a visa for a set period of time (Serbian individuals need to apply for a visa only if they wish to stay in Malta for more than 90 days). Third country nationals must apply for a visa in their respective countries at the diplomatic mission or consular post which issues visas in representation of Malta.

Third country nationals who submit a single permit application are subject to labour market considerations and their skill level, relevant experience and overall suitability for the position in question are also taken into account.


The Key Employee Initiative (KEI) – Learn More

Provides a fast-tracked service to highly specialised third country nationals (managerial or highly technical posts) who are employed in Malta.

Single-Work Permit Renewal – Learn More

Residence permits must be renewed at least 8 weeks before expiry, requirements available in this checklist.

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