ARQ Joins FIPRA Network

ARQ continued to strengthen its advisory & regulatory offering by becoming members of the FIPRA Network.

Founded in 2000, FIPRA is today the leading and most extensive global public affairs consultancy network, advising clients on a range of government relations and regulatory policy issues with a presence in over 50 countries.

FIPRA is known both for the seniority and expertise of its staff. Most of the advisors have had experience at the European Union, national governments and regulatory authorities. FIPRAs expertise lies in supporting companies navigate the complex regulatory and policy process within the countries it is present in. It also has a strong expertise on European Union policies, directives and the policy process. A registered lobbyist, FIPRA has expertise in financial services, tax, competition policy, digital & tech and energy & the environment amongst others. It has also established a Brexit Unit dedicated to supporting companies navigate the transition.

JP Fabri, Director Regulatory & Advisory at ARQ and a Director of FIPRA Malta said, “in todays world, regulatory compliance is central to any business and regulation is constantly changing at European and national levels. We believe that through FIPRA, ARQ is in a unique position to support our clients navigate the EU’s regulatory landscape to not only ensure compliance but to prepare businesses for any upcoming regulatory changes.”