Infocredit Group and ARQ sign Contract for the Provision of Global Due Diligence Services for the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission.

Infocredit Group and ARQ Group have recently signed an agreement with the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission relating to a contract for the provision of due diligence services. In particular, the contract will consist of conducting enhanced global due diligence on persons or entities applying for a licence with or seeking approval by the Commission; on other relevant associates or individuals, in order to verify its or their identity, background, financial history, source of wealth and assess the relevant risk for corruption, terrorism, money laundering, political sanctions, and their reputation.

Both Infocredit Group and ARQ Group are key players in the field of risk and compliance. Their main capabilities focus on offering innovative AML solutions and enhanced due diligence/KYC reporting, which help organisations mitigate business risks by performing extensive background investigations and successfully vetting or monitoring third parties, while adhering to relevant regulations.



The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, a semi-governmental organisation authorised and formed under the Casino Operations and Control Law 2015 and is the supervisory authority and regulator of casino gaming in Cyprus.



Infocredit Group, based in Cyprus, is a leading provider of risk management solutions offering access to crucial business information relating to a company’s potential or current clients, vendors and associates. The company’s core services include Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, Credit Risk Management, Debt Recovery & Call Centre Services and Professional Training. Through its established international network of strategic partners including LexisNexis Risk Solutions, ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute and VinciWorks, it aims to empower businesses with a reliable and comprehensive suite of tools which can assist them to meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations. (