New Framework for Notified Professional Investor Funds

The Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) has announced the introduction of a new framework for Notified Professional Investor Funds (“NPIFs”).

This framework presents an additional fund structure in Malta, featuring a streamlined onboarding process and complementing existing fund frameworks. Governed by a set of proportionate and risk-based criteria, this new framework mandates that the funds must be serviced by specified regulated service providers, meet established asset thresholds, and be exclusively offered to eligible investors. A Notified Professional Investor Fund is a distinct type of non-retail collective investment scheme that is notified to the Authority and exclusively accessible to professional and/or qualifying investors. NPIFs undergo a simplified notification process and operate under a regulatory framework that service providers must adhere to. These funds can only be established as non-retail schemes accessible to Qualifying and/or Professional Investors, and they are obligated to furnish appropriate risk disclosures to prospective investors.

More information on this new framework on the MFSA’s website: Investment Services Supervision – MFSA