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Malta’s stature as an international maritime centre is indisputable, with the largest ship register in Europe.

The success Malta has achieved as a maritime service centre has been more recently replicated in the aviation field, with Malta being one of the first European countries to have ratified the Cape Town Convention.

The Maltese economy has thriving shipping & aviation sectors, as a result of long-term policies that have attracted owners, managers, charterers and financiers to register their ships, yachts and aircraft in Malta. Sector driven initiatives together with Malta’s favourable corporate and tax policies have underlined this achievement.

ARQ provides a twenty-four hour service, seven days a week, to assist clients in any of the following Maritime areas, through and in partnership with FFF-Legal;

  • Registration of sea vessels
  • Asset financing
  • Registration & discharge of mortgages
  • Advising on various forms of security over vessels
  • Sales, purchases, charter and leasing agreements
  • Tax advice related to shipping activities
  • Advice on Malta’s Yacht Leasing Scheme and VAT benefits
  • Enforcement of mortgages and other secured rights over vessels
  • Marine litigation

Malta’s established reputation as a solid jurisdiction for maritime services, has extended to the aviation sector where we regularly assist clients in:

  • Aircraft registration
  • AOC applications
  • Asset financing
  • Registration of mortgages & international interests
  • Negotiating and concluding transactions

How we do it

ARQ can assist its clients in this area by tapping into the infrastructure and expertise of Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, a founding partner of ARQ and a leading legal practice operating in both the maritime and aviation industry sectors of Malta with a long-standing reputation of excellence.

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    Christian Farrugia

    Partner - Corporate & Fiduciary
    A lawyer by profession with over thirty years’ experience, Dr. Christian Farrugia is one of the founding partners of Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, a leading business law firm in Malta.

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